Weight loss is a major topic these days, considering that the problem of obesity stands as sharp as ever in the United States. More and more people are considering drugs as a solution to endless attempts and failures to lose weight. And there are plenty, but today we will talk about the weight loss drug Contrave.

Since Contrave is a controlled substance that should be taken with caution, one can only buy Contrave diet pill by presenting a prescription from a licensed certified physician. Even if you want to buy Contrave online, there is no way a legal online pharmacy will sell you Contrave without an electronic prescription.

With a prescription, one can purchase the drug from a nearby pharmacy or can order Contrave online from online pharmacies, but only in the US. You can raise a refill request written by hand or in electronic form to purchase Contrave as required.

Beware of fake companies making duplicate medicine under the brand Contrave. Your doctor and you need to trust the pharmacy (online or offline) where you purchase Contrave, it must be genuine and should have a valid license as per the state rules and regulations.

How can you buy Contrave online?

FDA approved Contrave in 2014. The drug was developed by the American pharmaceutical company “Orexigen Therapeutics”. It was a long-awaited medication for many patients, suffering from obesity. In the first week after introducing Contrave to the market, there were more than seven thousand prescriptions issued. Many people prefer to buy Contrave online since it helps save time.

Many pharmacies in the US have online stores where you can get some additional discounts for different medicines. However, it is not possible to buy Contrave online without a prescription since it is qualified as a controlled substance. You will need to talk to your doctor first to get an approval for treatment with Contrave. You should inform your doctor about any other drugs you are taking and undergo a medical examination. Some health issues (such as seizure disorders) are contraindications to the Contrave weight loss medicine.

Once you develop a suitable weight loss strategy with your doctor, you can receive a prescription for a Contrave diet pill. Usually, healthcare providers issue prescriptions “on paper”, but to buy Contrave online you’ll need an electronic one.

Your doctor can also recommend you a certain reliable pharmacy or online store with a free delivery service. Buying Contrave online may help you to save money and get some additional benefits.

When you order Contrave weight loss drug online with your electronic prescription, the pharmacy verifies your data and offers you several options: you may either pick it up at the closest store or receive it by regular mail. Some online pharmacies offer free delivery services or express mail options. If you are buying Contrave online for the first time by yourself, make sure that the seller has all the documentation and has the license to sell Contrave diet pill.

Contrave Pricing:

Though Contrave cost varies from one state to another, it is sold for around $234 for a pack of 120 tablets. Many pharmacies provide a saving card or discount coupons for buying Contrave tablets. There are lots of websites which provide Contrave price comparison. You can compare the rates and buy Contrave as required. You can order Contrave from online pharmacies after comparison.

If the patient has insurance, the insurance company can pay for your Contrave order, yet it varies. Some insurance companies provide full insurance coverage for the purchase of Contrave while others partially pay the price of the drug.

How can I save money on Contrave?

Contrave manufacturer offers a discount card on its official website. If you intend to pay in cash, you may register online to get one. It will help you to save at least 10% of the full price, and even more, if you have a private insurance covering Contrave diet pills. After filling in the application form with the data from your prescription you will receive the card by post and then activate it on the Contrave official website. Show the card at your local pharmacy and receive a 10% discount after the second refill.

After online registration, you can also get the weight-loss support from “Orexigen Therapeutics”. The company developed The Contrave Scale Down program, which should keep you motivated during the whole treatment. You may receive a free smart scale and daily support through personalized text messages.

You may also check your eligibility for Get Contrave Now online prescriptions. The service is available on the manufacturer’s website. In certain states, you may receive an online consultation with a licensed physician to get a prescription. You won’t need to visit your local healthcare provider, and the order will be shipped directly to your home. Check the Contrave official website for the details on shipping options and costs.

Online prescription service works only in selected states. You will be asked to fill in the questionnaire about your health issues and other prescribed medicines. Once you paid for the first order of Contrave extended release a licensed physician will check your answers and conduct a short video interview. After that procedure, you will either receive your prescription or cancel your order with no additional fee.

The service does not accept cash payments and discount cards. However, you may save additional costs and time, since the online consultation is free and you need not visit your local healthcare provider. Shipment will be added to the overall cost, and you may choose between USPS first class mail and FedEx delivery services.

Do not buy Contrave from unreliable sources, as fake cheap medicines may seriously damage your health. Normal price for Contrave weight loss drug in an extended release formulation varies from 100 to 225 US dollars. Depending on the type of the insurance you’re signed up you may get a discount from the manufacturer. In that case, the price may drop to 70-90 US dollars for a monthly refill. Some private insurances may even cover the full cost of Contrave. Please note that the service can’t be covered by any insurance and requires instant payments.

You can always just buy Contrave at a normal price in your local pharmacy if you feel like all these online cards and applications are too much. In that case, you could monitor sales and discounts offered by your local retailer to still save money.

Contrave weight loss:

If you are trying to lose those extra pounds from your body and want to get rid of the chronic problem of obesity, but finding it difficult on your own, Contrave is the newfound name to help you. An American pharmaceutical company “Orexigen therapeutics” manufactures this drug to prescribe for weight loss. As per September 2016 report (NCHS), adult obesity in America exceeds by 35%, now every one in four people looking for solutions. Merely controlling food habits won’t work and has its own, bad effects on health. Hence, Combining the efforts while taking Contrave is helpful in a dramatic way.

Contrave is also named as “diet pill” since it impacts diet of the person which in turn helps reduce the weight & make the person healthier and slimmer.

How does Contrave work: 

Contrave is a combination of naltrexone hydrochloride and bupropion hydrochloride molecules.  bupropion works by decreasing appetite, while naltrexone works by blocking hunger receptors in the brain, thus diminishes craving for food. Plus, your overall food expenses should decrease if you buy Contrave and start medication.

Indications to buy Contrave:

It is recommended to purchase Contrave if you are an adult suffering from:

  1. Obesity (BMI >30 kg/m2)
  2. Overweight (BMI > 27 kg/m2)
  3. Difficult weight loss

Do not buy Contrave when:

Though weight loss is almost on everyone’s wish list and new year resolution, the Contrave diet pill is not for those who are looking to just lose some fat. You need to check beforehand whether to go for it and buy Contrave or not. It depends on your present health, medical history, and current medication if any.  Contrave is not recommended if you:

  • Suffer from heart disease
  • Suffer from uncontrolled hypertension
  • Are pregnant
  • Breastfeed
  • Take opioid analgesic
  • Are on medication for diabetes
  • Have history of seizure
  • Are on alcohol withdrawal medicines

Contrave Interaction with disease and other drugs:

Contrave diet pill interacts with certain drugs & disease conditions which can make the condition worse. Hence, you should always be aware & inform your physician if you are suffering from any of the below-mentioned diseases or you are already taking any of these medicines:

  • Drugs: Atorvastatin, Clonazepam, Cyclobenzaprine, Phentermine, Tramadol, Hydrochlorothiazide, Ibuprofen, Trazodone, Lisinopril,
  • Alcohol, nicotine
  • Diseases: Psychosis, liver diseases, seizures, glaucoma, mania, renal dysfunction

However, you should not stop taking Contrave tabs without informing/consulting the doctor who prescribed it.

How to take Contrave:

Contrave is available in tablet form with coated film, ER (extended release).

Contrave is available in tablet form on the market and it is instructed to take a tapering dosage of this medicine for safe administration & better outcome.


1st week One tablet (8 mg naltrexone/90 mg bupropion) every morning
2nd week One tablet every morning and one tablet every evening
3rd week Two tablets every morning and one tablet every evening
4th  week – Two tablets every morning and two tablets every evening (maintenance dose)



Modification in given dosage regimen also depends on the severity of a patient’s obesity. It is observed in a clinical trial study, that, Contrave reduces weight by 8 % within 52 weeks in association with low-fat low-carb diet & regular exercise.

If you miss the dose, skip it & take the next dose at the scheduled time. Do not take it twice to compensate missed dose.

Do not take this medicine with other over the counter or prescribed drugs for weight loss.

Contrave precautions:

Though Contrave is a US FDA approved drug, there are precautions to note, so that a safe and healthy weight loss can be achieved. You need to take care of following when going for a weight loss plan with Contrave:

  • Total dose/day should not be > 360 mg bupropion.
  • Dose/day is divided & increased gradually.
  • Your physician should be aware of total medical history.
  • After 12 weeks of intake, if there is no change in existing weight or waist circumference, then you need to stop taking contrive.
  • Read warning message before taking medicine. Contrave packaging comes with a clear warning message stating it can cause serious side effects of suicidal thoughts or actions.

Side effects of Contrave:

Every drug has its own effects and side effects. It is better to observe them early & take necessary action. Here is a list of some probable side effects

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Raised BP
  • Delusion
  • Liver damage
  • Hepatitis
  • Mania
  • Vision difficulties
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue

There may be other side effects apart from the ones listed above.  You need to take care of the symptoms if you are taking Contrave and report to your doctor immediately.

Now with all this handy information about the drug, you are equipped to take a decision about going through Contrave weight loss plan and buying Contrave, exercise regularly and switch to a healthy diet with low fat, low calorie and high fiber meal. Visit your doctor, set up an exercise / physical training plus a healthy diet plan, and get ready to have a slimmer, healthier you.

Disclaimer: This article is for information only & should not be used as a resource for self-medication. Please Consult your doctor before using Contrave.