Obesity has been a health problem all over the industrialized countries. Approximately 34% of Americans are obese, which means almost 72 million of the population. Because obesity is a complex medical problem associated with a variety of chronic health conditions, it is logically a huge challenge for the pharmacy industry and the health system to find out a treatment secure, well tolerated, and effective to lose weight and keep the weight off.

There are many shady online pharmacies that will offer you to buy Contrave without prescription that is why we want you to know right from the get-go that Contrave diet pill is a controlled drug and is never legally sold outside of the US.

In 2014, Contrave was approved by the FDA and released to the market in the United States. Although its effectiveness gives hope to the obese population and their treating physicians, there are still some questions about its safety. Moreover, for many specialists, the risks arising from the use of the Contrave weight loss drug do not justify its use.

But, Let us review a little what we know about Contrave. Contrave diet pill has two active principles Bupropion and Naltrexone, both approved by the FDA. The first of them is used as an antidepressant and as an aid in smoking cessation treatment, and the second one is used to treat alcohol and opiate addictions.

However, how does Contrave work?  Apparently, because it is not entirely clear yet, both principles act on the Central Nervous System, inhibiting appetite and reducing cravings. That means regulating the desire to eat.

Nevertheless, the studies performed on 4500 obese patients with Contrave weight loss drug also included changes in their lifestyle, adopting a diet with a reduced caloric intake and incorporating a regular physical activity. The results of 3 studies of 52 weeks of Contrave weight loss plan showed that 42, 57 and 36% of patients who received Contrave lost at least 5% of their baseline initial weight, as compared to 17, 43 and 18% of those who received placebo, respectively.

On the other hand, the shadow of side effects, related to its principles, restricted the study recruitment under Contrave weight loss drug plan and therefore it is not indicated for patients with uncontrolled hypertension (not stable despite treatment), and recent cardiovascular or cerebrovascular history in the last 6 months (infarct, arrhythmias, stroke). That is also the case for those patients with a history of seizures who cannot be candidates for  Contrave weight loss therapy, rather if any seizure occurs Contrave must be suspended and not be restarted again.

However, one of the major concerns is the fact that the use of antidepressant is related to high risk of suicidal thoughts, attempt or acts. Although Contrave is not indicated for treating depression, Bupropion is an antidepressant that shares along with its family this risk. In the studies performed, no suicide occurred and suicidal thoughts were higher in patients who received placebo, in comparison to those who received Contrave. Concurring thus, that the use of Contrave diet pill at least does not imply greater risks of those well known in general by the family of antidepressants.

The warning of all these effects on the cardiovascular, neurological and psychiatric health of the patients and their family group is essential and necessary. In addition to requesting approval for the treatment despite the risks, cooperation in the surveillance of adverse symptoms, by keeping regular checks of heart rate and blood pressure, stopping Contrave weight loss drug and reporting immediately if any seizure occurs or being watchful to unusual changes in their behavior or mood (aggressiveness, mania, anxiety, depression, unsafe risky behaviors) along with suicidal thoughts which could lead to suicide attempts or acts; but also letting them know the importance of adhering to the Contrave dosing schedule chart, thereby reducing the risks associated with the principles of Contrave.

Contrave diet pill comes as extended-release tablet 8mg Naltrexone HCL/ 90 Bupropion HCL for oral administration.

Contrave dosing schedule is the cornerstone of the effectiveness and safety of the weight loss pill.

Contrave dosing schedule chart

Morning dose Evening dose
Week 1 1 tab None
Week 2 1 tab 1 tab
Week 3 2 tabs 1 tab
Week 4 – onward 2 tabs 2 tabs

The goal is to reach a dose of 32mg/360mg, as the maximum dose at the fourth week of the treatment. The Contrave dosage should start on an initial dose of 8mg/90mg, consuming 1 Contrave diet pill during the first week, only in the morning, without chewing, cutting or grinding, along with meals (avoiding those with high-fat content). Up to the second week, this dose of 8mg/90mg should be taken twice a day, which means 1 tablet of Contrave in the morning and 1 tablet of Contrave in the evening. During the third week, the morning dose should be increased up to two tablets of Contrave, while the same night dose should be maintained. Finally, in the fourth week and onwards, the maximum recommended a dose of 32mg/360mg should be used, divided into 2 doses of 2 tablets of Contrave per dose, in the morning and in the evening, respectively. It should not be taken more than 2 tablets per dose or more than 4 tablets per day. If a dose is missed, the next regular time should be waited to take a new Contrave diet pill. In some conditions, the Contrave dosage should be adjusted, such as a renal and hepatic impairment.

Although the most common side effect observed during Contrave weight loss program includes Nausea, vomiting, constipation, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, dry mouth, and diarrhea; the gradual management of the dosage seeks to allow the body to adapt to the Contrave weight loss drug,  and closely monitor the onset of any severe adverse reactions with the purpose of stopping the treatment with Contrave diet pill, in a timely manner that avoids endangering the life of the patient.

Another important consideration to be warned while undergoing Contrave treatment is that should not be co-administered with other medications without first consulting with the doctor, especially those containing other antidepressants, and Opiates.

Therefore, it is evident that the dosage of Contrave is closely related to its safety. As well as the initial medical evaluation of the history of the patient, looking for those antecedents which could increase the risks over the benefits in weight reduction that Contrave promises.