Obesity and excess weight are the main risk factors for chronic illnesses, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. Contrave weight loss drug may help prevent those conditions. Food and Drug Administration of the US officially approved the sale of Contrave that has a chance to become the solution for millions of Americans suffering from obesity. The reader should be aware, of Contrave indications, contraindications, possible side-effects and have a prescription from his physician, before buying Contrave diet pill.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) about 1.5 billion people, a year are overweight. In 2016, this number increased to 2.3 billion people and kept growing.

The weight loss drug Contrave developed by the company “Orexigen Therapeutics Inc.” is the medicine, and not just another dietary supplement, sold in the pharmacies and online.

Reportedly, Contrave has passed the necessary clinical trials and was approved by FDA, which indicates its effectiveness against obesity. Contrave contains the antidepressant bupropion and naltrexone, used for the opiate abuse treatment.

Clinical research results show that Contrave helps to decrease body weight by minimum 5% during the treatment period. Contrave is a medicine, and not a food supplement for slimming, sold in the pharmacies and online. Please note that Contrave could only be prescribed by your doctor!
Unlike the doubtful dietary supplements for slimming that have never been tested for effectiveness and health safety, Contrave has passed all the necessary clinical trials – the fact of its registration proves its therapeutic effect.

The most often side effect of weight loss drugs are cardiovascular problems, suicidal ideation, and depression. However, one of the largest slimming pill markets of the US places a great hope in the new drug Contrave.

What’s so special about Contrave? This drug combines two older drugs that have already proved successful. One of them is used for the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction, and the other- as an antidepressant and the drug that helps to quit smoking. Contrave, as a combination of both, affects the brain receptors, responsible for appetite, sense of satisfaction and craving for food.

Studies show that elevated doses of Contrave weight loss drug allow you to lose minimum 6.1% of your body weight per year, while half of the dose allows losing minimum 5% (in patients with placebo, the weight loss had averaged 1.3%). However, you should consider that only half of patients taking Contrave had finished the experiment. Others had quit the trial because of the reasons unrelated to Contrave administration. Sometimes people taking Contrave diet pill spoke of sickness, headache, constipations, vertigo, and vomiting.

FDA Commission claimed that Contrave weight loss drug is promoted for the people with 30 or more BMI, which indicates obesity. Contrave is also approved for the patients which have the BMI of >27, whose excess weight causes certain illnesses, such as diabetes.

“Obesity remains one of the main problems of the human health. Combined with the healthy way of life that includes low-calorie diet and physical training, Contrave guarantees another medical option for the people with obesity,” – said Jean-Marc Gutter, the officer of FDA Commission.

It is worth noting that for the US, the problem of obesity is more relevant that for the other countries. However, the experts never stop to remind us that Contrave weight loss drug won’t be helpful without changing your lifestyle.

Americans are trying to fight this problem in every possible way. The Government seeks to change the approach of citizens to the food, and Contrave diet pill can help them to change their habits in a less stressful way. Certain companies banned the distribution of fast-food products in their buildings. Some of them even pay the annual prizes to their slimming staff.

However, that didn’t solve an enormous problem of obesity in the US, because it is quite hard for people to change their lifestyles. Contrave is intended to help them to keep motivation and stick to the healthier choices. Meanwhile, people suffering from obesity are dying for the reason that they can’t be hospitalized, as they can’t go through the clinic doors.

Every year 300,000 people in the US die of obesity, and these numbers are growing. Is it possible to reverse this trend using Contrave weight loss drug? The US government spends about $147 billion a year to address the problem of obesity. This is one of the main challenges for the US Government. Hopefully, Contrave weight loss drug may be a part of the decision.

Experimental drug Contrave for weight- loss had successfully passed three clinic studies of the III phase. According to the trial outcomes, two overweight patients taking Contrave had lost 7.98 and 7.94 kg, respectively. The third phase of the research on Contrave was intended for the obese patients, suffering from Type II diabetes. This group of patients had lost on average 6.12 kg while taking Contrave. Each of three types of research lasted 56 weeks. 3800 patients took part in the studies. Finally, FDA concluded, that Contrave showed certain efficiency over placebo in various stages of the trial, and approved it for prescriptions.

Contrave may cause stimulation of one of hypothalamus centers, which, in its turn, suppresses appetite. Moreover, the medicine blocks the synthesis of b- endorphin that impedes the release of stress hormones. Contrave diet pill makes the whole weight loss process less stressful for your mind.